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Hello Friends,


A friend of mine asked me some advice and tips for traveling to Bali,  so I decided to write a post in English in my blog, for all people who is going for Bali, Indonesia, for the first time. Maybe you want some advices too.


Best time of year to take a vacation in Bali is between April and September. My Australian friends say that the month of March is very hot and in October you can have a few days of rain, but nothing that can stop  your tour, according to the report of my friends.


70 mapa ubud


The official currency in Bali is called Rupias. If you are Australian they have Commonwealth bank there.


Bali is an island (province) of the Republic of Indonesia and has a governor elected by the people and a legislative assembly. The capital is called Bali Denpasar. Bali is divided into 8 regions (regencies), which are Jembrana, Buleleng, Bangli, Tabanan, Badung, Gianyar, Klungkung and Karangasem.


This island has approximately 3.5 million inhabitants. The area urbanized is close to Denpasar, and in the other regions is dominated by agriculture, which is evident in the thousands rice paddy fields in Bali.


Despite the predominant religion in Indonesia is Muslim, in Bali over 80% of the population is Hindu. Religion and culture are literally one and so the festivals, events and ceremonies have religious influence. As I said the Balinese society is based on its religious precepts so tourists should always show respect, patience and tolerance.


Now let’s do what interests us most, practical tips for u spend the best vacation of your life!


31 visa

The visa will cost 35 American dollars for which person. The Visa last 30 days. They accept cash or Credit Card.


If you are staying more than 30 days you should arrange a visa outside the airport, at the immigration office, and must be taken 7 days before winning the first visa.


76 placa informação visa bali


01 clinics and hospitals icone


IF you need hospital you can choose one of this:


Bimb hospital


Bali Royal Hospital


International SOS


The embassy of Australia in Bali has a lot of medical information that Australian people needs for going to Bali:


I hope you don’t need.


01 beaches


  • Nusa Dua


76 nusa dua aviao




76 nusa dua praia



Nusa dua cor da agua



  • Finn’s Beach Club


80 elevador finns beach bali


80 cardapio fins beach


80 foto finds beach pedras


  • Pandawa

75 pandawa beach



  • Kuta


69 praia kuta




  • Dreamland Beach


75 pedras e praia dreamland



  • Seminyak


  • Sanur


  • Jimbaram


  • Padang Padang


  • Tanjung Benoa



01 hotels and flats icone


  • Kuta 


The hotel in Kuta is more economic, and you will be near of all restaurants and shops. You can make your tours and come back to the hotel and still do a lot at night.


I stayed at Hard Rock Hotel and my kids loved! They have activities for kids and adolescents.



68 buffet restaurante hotel hard rock bali


68 quarto hard rock cafe bali


68 piscina hard rock cafe cabanas



There is another hotels in Kuta, here more 4 for you to choose:



  • Nusa Dua


The hotel in Nusa Dua are the best!!! I think is the best place to stay in Bali is Nusa Dua.


Nusa Dua is more exclusive because it is a condominium of hotels.[ppc-sof-mar-goo-id-gb-id-phr-sear-id-loc]-[sof-v7631-bali]-S-[sofitel%20bali%20nusa%20dua]&xtdt=23966899[ppc-nov-mar-goo-au-gb-id-phr-sear-id-loc-6328]-[nov-v7631-bali-nusa_dua]-S-[novotel%20bali%20nusa%20dua]&xtdt=23966901



  • Seminyak

At Seminyak beach do you have good hotels too:


  • Sanur Beach

And at Sanur Beach do you have good hotels too:

My friend stay at  Sanur Paradise Plaza Hotel. And she loved, but it is not in front of the beach.


  • Tanjung Benoa


There is a beach calle Tanjung Benoa (north of Nusa Dua) that have good places to stay:


  • UBUD

You can stay at the mountains in UBUD, there is some the best hotels to stay in Bali/Indonesia:


This is an economic suggestion in Ubud:


01 restaurants icone


  • Beach Walk is a mall in Kuta with a lot of restaurants:


69 beach walk kuta


  • Sushitei



69 sushi tei bali


  • Hard Rock Cafe


69 hard rock cafe


  • Jamie’s Italian


69 jamies oliver rest bali


  • Surf and Turf


76 Surf Turf nusa dua


02 supermarkets


In Bali there about 2 grocery stores in each block away, so if you need something is very easy to find a mini market. And there is a Carrefour in Bali, and it is like 20 minutes from Kuta.


Here is a list of supermarkets you can find in Bali:


  • Carrefour


For all the mothers that is traveling with baby some photos of the products that are sell in Carrefour Bali:


79 mamadeiras carrefour bali


79 pampers carrefour bali



79 papinhas bali


  • Bintang Supermarket


  • Hardy Nusa Dua


  • Mini Mart


  • Indomaret



01 traditional tour icone



  • Barong and Kris Dance


71 ticket e fotos barong dance



  • Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in UBUD


72 ticket floresta macacos



72 barraca vende bananas



72 diversas fotos floresta macacos


  • Kintamani to see the volcano.


74 foto vulcao e lago juntos




74 restaurante batur sari conta



74 frutas kintamani


  • Rice Fields


72 plantacao de arroz voltando ubud


  • Bali Safari & Marine Park (it is 105 American dollars )

81 bali safari marine park



  • Elephant Safari Park & Lodge



If you need a car rental tour service with a English speaker driver you can call Krisna. His phone is + 62 81916553289, you can send a whatsapp to him and schedule your trip with him. He can also works like a taxi if you need. He made all the tours if me and my family.


71 krisna taxista bali


There is a thousands of tours to do in Bali, the taxi driver that I pointed out has a folder with all the tours that u can do. There are several beaches, temples, market places, to visit in Bali. Surely one week will be short to know everything that exists in Bali.


01 warnings icone

Don’t drink the water of the tap. Don’t wash or tooth if the water of the tap. Always use spring water.

Use repellent to go to forests.



I hope you have a blessed trip !





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