Where you can meet Kangaroos and Koalas in Perth/WA?

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Where you can meet Kangaroos and Koalas in Perth/WA?


  • Yanchep National Park


To see free Kangaroos the best place is the Yanchep National Park. Here the kangaroos are very active, they are always jumping everywhere.


182 yanchep national park porta entrada


Yanchep National Park is located at north of Perth.


183 yanchep national park fotos casa e arvores


For more information  click here:




187 yanchep national park  3 canguru


You have to pay 12 dollars to enter. There you have beautiful landscape, koalas, kangaroos and caves.


187 yanchep national park koala


It is a very beautiful park!


185 yanchep national park lagoa vermelha




  • Caversham Wildlife Park 


The best place to have a encounter with a kangaroo anda a koala is at Caversham Wildlife Park. For more information about openning hours and price click here:






There you can feed, and touch this animals and much more. You can look the map and make your own intinerary to watch all the shows and have time to visit all the animals in the park.




They have pic-nic area with you want. And they have a cafe too with food and drinks.


You can see, feed and touch the Kangaroos.






01 fotos kanguru deitado



You can see and touch  the koala! They are so cute!






02 koala perto




They have shows and others animals that everyone can touch.






The wombat show and the farm show are the best!

With you have kids it is a must-see park!

Enjoy WA!



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