Perth, Western Australia beaches – photos, information

Hello dear friends,


The beaches at western Australia are very beautiful! You will be surprised!

It’s very comum in Western Australia you find a restaurant or kiosk,  bathrooms, playground for the kids, pic nic area at the beaches. Here always will have infra structure at the beach, sometimes without changing the landscape.

In some of those beaches they allowed dogs (South Fremantle in front of apartaments, North Cottesloe Dog Beach, North Floreat Beach and others).

So now I will show photos of the beaches for you:


01 rockingham


Rockingham  is a city aproximately 30 minutes from Perth (47 km from Perth – south). You can go by train. There is a lot of beaches there but I will share 3 with you and one island.

I will start by Kwinana Beach. The little one.

40 kwinana praia logo


Rockingham Beach is big and has a beautiful park with pic nic area, bbq, restaurants , path, activities for kids, yatch club.


47 parque e mapa rockingham




50 jetty rockingham logo



And the  Shoalwater bay beach!



58 shoal water bay




60 shoalwater cor da agua


Here you will found the famous Penguim Island, you can see penguins (just the penguins that they care, because the penguins that live there go away during the day to fish), dolphins and sea lions.



10 cruzando sand bar


10 emiliana penguim island


02 coogee


Coogee is a beach at a suburb of south Perth. It is a very big beach: Coogee Fitness, Coogee Holiday Park and Coogee North.













03 fremantle

Fremantle is 15 min from Perth city, and it has a beautiful centre to walk, shop and have a lot of restaurants. There is a great park  called ¨The esplanade¨. It is a big beach: South Fremantle, Bathers Beach, Port Beach, Legthon Beach, North Fremantle.

South Fremantle is very good to swinming.

Bathers Beach you have to pay for parking, but they have a excelente restaurant there.

You can visit this post for more details:


101 south fremantle beach sand


05 cottesloe

This beach is the post card of Perth! Beautiful color of water, best sunset ever, good restaurants. Amazing place!

04 vista rest indiano cottesloe longe



04 cottesloe escultura mais perto


06 swanbourne


It is besides Cottesloe beach. You can walk, run or ride along the path.

32 pinheiro swanbourn beach


32 praia swan


08 city beach


I think it is the beach nearst the city. Very clean and beautiful!


1 city beach pedras, mar e areia



09 floreat beach


This beach is besides the City Beach. There is a very good path that you can walk, run or ride. Excelent structure! A lot of kids at the playground! Very good kiosk! Beautiful neighbourhood!


08 parque floreat beach


08 placa praia floreat beach



07 brighton


Busy beach! Lot of kids and young people! Bodyboard is a sensation here! Nice place with you like waves.


20 brighton beach placa predios cafe



23 praia cheia brighton beach


10 scarborough


The most popular beach at Perth! Always full! A lot of young people! Sports, surf, festivals are hit here!


30 rotatoria scargorough



31 praia lotada scarborough


11 trigg beach


The best for surfing! If you want a teacher here is the best place to get one, even for kids!


05 placa praia Scarb




08 praia scarb surfista de terno



08 surfistas praia scarb


003 bennion beach





Beautiful beach! You have some part for dog. Nice beach to take pictures.


803 bennion pedras



04 bailey st beach






Small beach, but very paradisiac!


809  bailey st beach praia



05 mettams pool





Very good beach for snokling, swimming. Very popular, and if many kids.




812 kiosk mettams pool



06 hamersley pool






Very good beach for snokling, swimming. There is a memorial for the centaur boat that crashed in this beach. Beautiful!


813 hamesley pool pedras




07 north beach






Amazing beach! White sand, cristal water! Big beach!


817 north beach pier




08 ada st beach






Small beach, but very beautiful.



825 ada st beach pedras mar




08 watermans beach





This beach has two parts, a small and big side!


824 waterman beach placa



825 waterman beach areia mar




09 marmion beach






If you like swimming this is a good place for it!


829 banheiro marmion beach




829 escada mar nadar marmion




833 estacionamento club marmion



10 sorrento beach





Sorrento is a very friendly beach, near the aquarium, sorrento quay, and hillarys marine. Very popular beach!


837 sorrento mato areia mar




832 sorrento australia



13 hillarys






This beach is very popular because it is like a pool, there is a shopping beside with a lot of shops and restaurants, and there is a water park in fronte of the beach. Very busy! Ideal for kids!



13 hillaries pier



13 praia hillaries 02


12 whitfords beach





This beach has a big park, so you can do pic nic there.


830 witfords park





833 wit fords beach areia mar



11 hillarys dog beach






This beach is for dog lovers!



837 hillarys animal exerceise area



840 hillarys animal beach sand



13 pinnaroo point






Beautiful beach! you can swimming with little fishes, or even  fishing.


846 pinaroo point pescaria





847 mar pinaroo point beach



12 burns beach


With a lot of rocks it is a very beautiful beach to take photos! Because it is located at the marmion marine park it is very good for diving and snorkeling.  No dogs allowed at the beach. They have a good cafe, playground, pic nic aerea, and a beautiful and huge path to run, walk or ride.


02 burn rocks beach pedras areia



03 cafe e parque rock burns


06 marmion marine park placa



08 areia mar pedras burns beach


15 mandura


Mandurah is 70-72 km from Perth (south). It is the second biggest city at WA. It is a very beautiful place to get a boat cruise, or hire a boat. And also has a lot of beautiful beaches. San Remo Beach is famous for surfers. I will share photos of Silver Sands Beach in Mandurah.


64 silversands beach mandurah logo



And photos of the cruise we did in Mandurah:


38 passeio de barco mandurah


There is more beaches to know here in Western Australia. I will up date the blog always to post more beaches!

I hope you enjoy WA!



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