Photos Beaches Fremantle, Perth, WA



Today I will share some photos of the Fremantle beaches.

After that, you will see that Perth is really the paradise!

Bathers Beach, Fremantle


100 bathers beach canhao



100 bathers beach



South Beach, Fremantle


101 south beach dog




101 agua south fremantle



101 south fremantle arvores



101 south fremantle stones



101 south fremantle beach sand


Port beach, Fremantle


101 entrada port beach


101 praia port beach



101 port beach vegetacao



Leighton beach, Fremantle


101 north fremantle beach



100 areia north fremantle


100 north fremantle water


Whatever you go here in Perth you will find beautiful and clean beach!

I took all the pictures now in the month of September 2015.

Enjoy WA!



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