How to rent or buy a property in Santiago/Chile

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Today I will share with you guys tips on how to rent or buy a property in Santiago, Chile. Everything about Real estate and property in Chile.


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First I want to clarify that the national currency in Chile is “peso chileno”, but all properties in Chile when u search in internet will be priced at “UF”. What does that mean?


UF (Unidad de Fomento) is a currency that adjusts by inflation. And therefore, all prices are in UF to be readjust automatically.


If u want to know the value of the UF only enter this link below into “Banco de Chile” (Bank of Chile) page:


If u still have not understood how to make the conversion of UF to Chilean peso, here is another link that converts to help you:


Overcome this issue, now I will go into detail on how to rent a property here in Chile.





For rent (lease) property here, Chilean has the habit of dividing by 50% real state agent commission. So who rent paid 50% and the owner pays 50%.


U will pay 50% of the commission and still have to give a guarantee. Usually they ask for a guarantee (Bond) (3 months rent in advance or less) and no guarantor. If they ask a guarantor must be Chilean, they do not accept foreign.




The best website for u get an apartment or a house to rent is call “ portal Inmobiliario”. At this site are all opportunities for all Chilean Inmobiliarias. Along with the property is the name of the real state and agent, then you can call your send a email to make an appointment and to visit.


to search remenber this words:

house= casa

apartament= departamento

arrendar= rent

comprar= buy

amoblado= furnished

nuevas=  new


precio= price


Baños= bathroom

* some houses and apartments have thermo panel, two glasses, to maintain the temperature inside the house. It helps you to saving on heating in winter season

* most apartments the heating has a time to be on, so you depends of the condominium. But in a house you can turn on the heating at the time you want.

* in 2010 there was a major earthquake in Chile, so you can ask what happen if the property in this time, that  suffered cracks or not . All this question is to know that the property will resist another earthquake, if it is a solid construction .



Most of the real state here has people Who speak in english. You can ask to be atended by a english speaker agent.


Here in Chile you Will have the Best treatment ever. You Will have a person to go with you in each house you choose, at the time you want. There is NO open house here, no people visiting at the same time as you. Totally personal and individual service!


These are the tips for u who want to rent.




IF your company pay your rent, so it’s easier for you. No stress at all.

But IF the company gives you the Money, and you can rent your buy a house. I will share with you tips if u want to buy a property here.

And I’ll tell you my experience here: I bought a property when I made five months living here in Santiago. Why?

Because the price of monthly financing is the same price as a rental. In addition, the bank here in Chile finances up to 90% of the property for u. U have to give only 10% in entrance. And the interest is very low here in Chile , the bank give to us in 2011 3.8 per cent a year.(compare to Brazil,  here in Chile is very low the interest).

In addition, all funding that u pay when you sell the property you Will received the money back. And I’ll tell you that u will receive more than you paid because u still receive money for property valuation in the market.

To buy a property in Chile you need an “procurador”, it is like agent. And this agent has to be Chilean. That person is no guarantor, it works as a “cash courier”, he will be responsible for receiving all mail on your behalf if u are not living in Chile.

Well, if I (brazilian)could buy a property here, anyone can buy a property in Chile.




If you are foreign and receive less than 60 UF per month you can buy a house if help (subsidy) of the chilean government. U must be over 18 years old, and have current identity (RUT), have permanent residence, and have a savings account with a minimum deposit of money (libreta de ahorro). For more information you can read the website of the ” Ministerio de Vivienda y Urbanismo – Gobierno de Chile”:


The best website to search homes for sale(venta) or renting (arriendo)in Chile is in “portal inmobiliario”, below is the link to you search:


If u search a property there’s a few tips of real state for you search:


Besides these, there are also several real estate developers selling new homes, which are spectacular:





If u have no idea which neighborhood start looking, I’ll list a few for you: Las Condes, Vitacura, La Dehesa,  Lo Barnechea, Los Trapenses, Barrio Alpino, Valle la Dehesa, El Arrayan, El Huinganal, Chicureo, San Carlos de Apoquindo, Lo Curro, La Reina,Huechuraba y Providencia.

There is a lot of condominium inside a golf club or polo club, certainly you can find a beautiful place to live.




What is better in Chile a house or a apartament?

I think house is better because in case of earthquake house shakes least . Try to get a house with pool, because in case of earthquake you can use the water of the pool, in the event water supply cut because of damage due to earthquake .

Prepare your earthquake kit. Have your emergency things in an easy place to find in the event of light cutting and others.




I hope  tips have been good, and can help your expat life in Chile!

To read more about Chile click here:






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  1. Hi, emiliana, Estoy buscando un apartamento para rentar por el mes de julio en el area de santiago. Me gustaria trabajar con una persona directamente que sepa las especificaciones que estoy buscando, no por websides . Por favor dejame saber si estarias interesada. Gracias Aida

    1. Hi Aida, gracias por visitar el blog. Si, claro que te puedo ayudar. Te he enviado uno email para contestar tus preguntas.Se todavia no hayas recibidos avísame que te lo envio nuevamente. Saludos. Emiliana

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