How is the health care system in Chile

I am writing this post to clarify some issues in common to many readers friends. And an important question is about how the health care system in Chile.


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My husband came to Chile through employment contract with his company. So after you arrive in Chile he and us get an provisional RUT (ID). And with the number of your RUT  you can have one bank account. But to do be at the health system you don’t need a number of RUT.


In Chile you have two system: FONASA system is state-owned, and the other is ISAPRE private institutions.


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The employee must choose which ISAPRE He Will pay for and then a percentage of their monthly remuneration Will be deducted of the salary. If u want to read some more just click here on this link:



There are several companies linked to ISAPRE. I had Colmena, if u want to read more about this company just click here:



There is also ISAPRE Cruz Blanca, if u want to know just click here:


I have a friend who works in Cruz Blanca, and she gave me your email address to publish in this post because she said she can help  to anyone wishing to make a plan and take the necessary explanations about ISAPRE. Even she told me that it is possible to plan without you having RUT. For those who want more information here’s the email:


When u make the covenant u have to choose the hospital where u will be served. I chose the Universidad San Carlos de Apoquindo. If u want to know just click here:


Here in Chile hospital = CLINIC. So I chose the San Carlos de Apoquindo Clinic correcting. This clinic is in the neighborhood San Carlos de Apoquindo. It is excellent. Every time me and my children need, are served by experienced doctors and never in the past there nothing wrong.


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Is there other clinics here in Santiago. Clínica Alemana has in Vitacura and La Dehesa. Chilean people say that is the Best clinic in Santiago. And IF you need urgency in your exams you can have it less than 12 hours.


Clinica Las Condes which is in Las Condes, and in Chicureo. Chilean people say that it is the second best clinic in Santiago.


I have several friends who like the Chilean Clínica Santa María, located in Bella Vista (+/- near the park of esculturas). But it is not like alemana.


all this clinic you will be attended in five minutes in urgency! It’s the best thing in Chile!!! Best doctors, best machines, best people! And you can book an specialist without going in a general doctor.



Besides the ISAPRE u need a complementary health insurance. My calls VIDA SECURITY. This insurance pays what the isapre don’t cover, and also pay the prescription drugs(medicine). If u wanna know more just click here:



U have the ISAPRE card and insurance card, but the clinic works with all digital of your finger. (Huella). Even my son had to scan the finger …..




I do not know if I explained right but that’s how things work here in Santiago.


If u want more information about how to live in Santiago / Chile just click here:






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