Hotels and Flats in Santiago/Chile to go!

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One of the most frequent questions I get e-mail is: You can pass me tips on hotels or apartments in Santiago / Chile.




Usually I respond by email …. But I thought better and decided to write a post, because if there are other readers with the same doubt, makes life easier for everyone !!!




Here’s some tips of hotels and apartments. If u do not like do not blame on me …. So make sure the hotel has all the necessary and sufficient infrastructure to u …. These are tips from people who I know and who were already staying in these hotels.


I am always stay at La Sebastiana. It is a flat with bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen. My father in Law and several friends were already staying at the La gloria (rentaparts).




If u want tips hotel near the airport to stay only a few hours waiting for connection, u can choose to Holidday INN, or Hilton Garden INN.




Santiago also has excellent hotels 5 star:;label=marriott-cl-marriott-stgo-t1c0e2cF7CbSvY2MCPZe6QS30528752722:pl:ta:p1:p2:ac:ap1t1:neg;ws=


If you want rent a apartment to stay more days you can look at:




To read more about Santiago click here:


I hope these tips are helpful. If u stayed at another hotel leave your comment on this post and your tip!




Thank you for your visit !!!


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