I´m from Brasil and  I´m living abroad  since 2011. So when I come to my country I like to go at best restaurants, because the time is so short, that I can´t visit all the places I want.
So  this year we choose to go the best  Steack House and the best Pizzeria.
All people thing the best pizza of the world is in Italy, but I think the best pizza is from Brasil…..
Here in Brasil we have a cheese that is called ¨CATUPIRY¨ that exist just here!!! And  with this cheese we can make the best pizza ever….
At my city in Uberlandia you can eat the best pizza … This restaurant call BAMBOLA PIZZA AND WINE= BAMBOLA PIZZA & VINHO.
It´s a gourgeus place, with a beautiful view, and pleasant  atmosphere!
If you want to konw more information look here:
Enjoy Brasil!!!
Bye Bye

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