What is life like living in Santiago – Chile

My name is Emiliana, and I´m Brazilian living in Santiago/Chile. I decided to write about living in Santiago, because many people ask me about it, and make me an interrogation ….. To kill the curiosity of many  people I will share with you guys some photos and information about Santiago.

Santiago is the capital of the country Chile. This country does not border with Brazil, but if you catch a flight Sao Paulo – Santiago,you will be here in 4 hours of travel, sometimes a little more ….. And we are a 8hours flight of Miami.

Here are the four well-defined seasons …. In the summer not a drop of rain falls and temperatures drop to 35 ° ( Celsius). In the fall starts get cool and the leaves turn yellow and fall. It’s quite beautiful autumn here ….



In the winter when it rains the snow cover the mountain. Generally, winter temperatures are between 0 ° to 7 °C. Snow is very rare within the city of Santiago, but it can happen ….
But in La Dehesa neighborhood  it snows a little. Sometimes at the road Camino Juan Pablo Segundo (The road that conect Chicureo to LA Dehesa) snows.


At the mountain always has snow when is winter. There is 3 ski center Farellones (it´s too small doesnt count), Colorado, La Parva and Valle Nevado.

Photos of the mountain:

Photos of Farellones:

Photos of La Parva:

Photos of Colorado: Colorando in november without snow (this is my dad)

Colorado with snow in september (spring)!!

Photos of Valle Nevado:

And spring is magical …. suddenly gets all flowery …. is the maximum … Best of all is that nobody steals the flowers that are in the public gardens and much less in the gardens of the houses ….


The other thing that is super positive in Santiago is that you are just one  hour away the beach or  the mountains, or a vineyard ….. you never  get bored because there is a lot of thinking to do.

Isla Negra – Beach

Con -Con Beach
Viña Emiliana
This month 12/2014 I went to the Viña Concha y Toro. And i loved it!!!
The metropolitan region of Santiago has several communes and each has its town hall.
Santiago has about 7 million inhabitants. But neither seems, because wherever I go I find  with everyone, is amazing …. Santiago can be large and the same time a country town.´

Here has many cool places to live …. But the Chileans have the habit of choosing his residence near the school where their children study, to avoid too much traffic.

Generally people decide for 4 quarters here in Santiago Las Condes, Vitacura, Lo Barnechea and Chicureo.

Almost all people when they arrive in Santiago are hosted in Las Condes …. Because it is a very central neighborhood, if he would write a Chilean ¨muy bien UBICADO ¨.

Las Condes has many buildings, so it is super easy you get to rent a furnished apartment or flat.

There is a part of Las Condes business that has multiple mirrored buildings that is very beautiful. Chileans have the habit of referring to this area Sanhattan. U can find it comical but true …. Even in the newspaper  here they use this term. Because it is so beautiful that it seems Manhattan. Below is a photo of the newspaper to you  confirm what I’m saying:


In las Condes has the most beautiful mall in Santiago, Parque Arauco. This mall has a card of discounts for foreign, and you have for days to use the card,  if u are here in Santiago to pursue that opportunity.

Another mall that also has in Las Condes and has a super good space for children’s Mall ALTO LAS CONDES.

Near to this mall has a famous  hospital called CLINIC LAS CONDES.

If you want to read more about how is the health care system in chile you can click here:
In that same neighborhood is located a school called SEK. This school has an impressive  structure. http://www.sekchile.com/

Las Condes has a typical Chilean place that is the ¨Pueblito Los Dominicos ¨¨. Here you will find all the typical Chilean handicrafts and souvenirs.

Here in Chile u will find jewelery with stone Lapis Azuli ….. And also a lot done in copper …


Vitacura is a very traditional neighborhood. A property there costs a fortune. Unlike Las Condes, this neighborhood is more horizontal,  has more houses and fewer buildings. In this neighborhood has one of the best hospitals in Chile, CLINICA ALEMANA.

The city district that is simply wonderful ….. have a park called BICENTENARIO …. it’s all good ….. Here’s some photos for you guys to know this park.

If you plan living in Vitacura  has 3 colleges  I recommend : Bradford College, Colégio Alemán(German)  and the French Alliance.

I live in Chicureo, is not necessarily a neighborhood, it is a city of condominium that is 25 minutes of Vitacura. It’s new and only have homes. Besides being new, no pollution, the air is purer and purer ….. ….Chicureo is a neighborhood in the town of Colina. This district is divided into East Chicureo (chicureo Oriente)  y West Chicureo (chicureo poniente).East Chicureo (chicureo oriente) has two neighborhoods of condominiums. one is called Piedra Roja and other Chamisero.This is a photo from Chicureo (Piedra Roja) that I took this week when was rainning here. Generally at the winter rain here in Santiago, and everything turns green.

Here at Piedra Roja is a clinical Las Condes, and a pond with supermarket and restaurants.

This a photo of piedra roja:

This is a photo of Chamisero:

And last I will speak of the commune of Lo Barnechea. This municipality has a main street called La Dehesa …. So many people say they live in La Dehesa is a mess ….. ….


 Here in La Dehesa has a club I’m in love called SANTA MARTINA. As my friends say …. Your life will change after you get a partner ….. Because it is very good!

I love this neighborhood ¨ La Dehesa¨ and go there every day …. This mall has a Jumbo supermarket and various other shops.

Inside the Jumbo, the supermarket:


Another place I go too far is the supermarket ¨Lider Express¨ La Dehesa. Along with this supermarket has a strip mall with several shops. Let me tell you there is a single store xerox this neighborhood. In fact the hardest thing to find in Santiago is a place that takes photocopy ….


Who lives in this neighborhood can also rely on another mall called Paseo Los Trapenses. There is a jumbo, a cinema and several shops. The Chilean loves the flag of your country …. the flag here is part of the decoration!

Near of this mall has a path to walk in the woods. It is a path in the middle of the houses. I did several walks around with my friend E.F. …… Then came the winter and it was impossible to continue ….

This month open one more mall here in la dehesa. Mall Vivo Los Trapenses!!! And there is one supermaket inside call UNIMARC!!! It is fabulous!!!! And inside has a french coffee shop called ERIC KAYSER. I just love!!!

Before going up to the ski resorts, has a mall called Mall Sport. The name says it all …. there uou will find all shops dedicated to sports. This mall is super young and fun.

This neighborhood is very green! This is all good!

In this neighborhood has several excellent colleges. Santiago College say it is the best of them. 

Apart of that college has the Lincoln International Academy Craighouse, Nido de Aguilas, TIPS (The international preparatory school).

Nido de Aguilas has American calendar. And it is the only school 100% in english in Santiago the playgroup to highschool.

A father at this school creat a group of email for foreing that lives in Santiago that call Lila´s List.  Now you can access lilaslist at a page on web:


All these colleges that I stated are bilingual. Children will learn Spanish and english, and in the case of German and French  trilingual.

Here in Chile has the Association of British college and at this website has several tips for college guys know:


A lot of british school in Chile has the IB ( Bacchillerato internacional). If this document your child could studie at many english school and university in the world.

Here in Chile admission at school is at the beggining of the year. You postuled in 2014 to study in the year 2015, for example. You can also postulated out of time. Your kids will do admission examens. The parents fill out forms and do interviews with the director. If your child is admitted you have to pay higher rate of incorporation.

If your children not yet old enough to get into the school I point the garden that my daughter studied: Running Brook. If you want to know just access this site:
My daughter studied in this garden office located at calle ¨ El Rodeo¨ and was very happy and learned much English ….

Opened recently in a garden which seems vitacura exceptional … It’s called OMBU, If u want to know just access this site:


There is another kindergarten for the child in La Dehesa: Rainbow, My little academy, Begginers, Vitamina, Planeta Tierra.

La Dehesa is very beautiful! Very quiet!

Incidentally rush is a word that does not exist in the Chilean vocabulary …. Here everything happens very calm and everyone is quiet and totally stress free.

The most celebrated holiday in Chile is called ¨Fiestas Patrias¨. 18th and 19th the September marks the day of independence of the country. In colleges all children learn the national anthem, wear clothes and dance typical Chilean traditional dances.

This is may daugther at running brook celebrating ¨Día de la Chilenidad¨.


The other thing you need is a kit abroad. In all colleges is celebrated the day of nations and you need the flag of your country of origin, typical clothing, music, and decorations with the colors of your country.In the year 2013 I had nothing, so I had to improvise painting a flag on a cardboard.

In this year 2014 when I went to Brazil I bought several things and I could contribute a lot to the nations party.Even my daughter paraded with a typical costume of the state of Minas Gerais / Brasil.

If you want to do a search for price or find a property to live just access

I took and edited all the photos!! 

I wrote another post with 20 restaurants in Santiago/Chile to go!!! If you want read click here:


If you want to read more about Santiago click here:


This post in portuguese is the most popular in my blog!!! The blog is write in Portuguese, there is a lot of information about Santiago in another posts. With you want to read you can use the translator.

A tight hug for all of you guys!!


4 thoughts on “What is life like living in Santiago – Chile

  1. Hi, thanks for the blog – I wanted to know however, we may plan on moving to Santiago for only a year with two boys 4 and 6 – the oldest is already in Kindergarten. they were both born in New York and only speak Spanish – do you have any information regarding schools, both for 1st grade and for pre-school? preferably English speaking?

  2. Thanks for the blog, i was afraid, at first atleast, of what to expect of Chile. I’ve never been to South America and my head was full of stigmas like drugs and everything haha. I’m 15 and currently living in South Korea and my father’s business is moving to Chile and staying there for about 4 years. It’s planned that I will be attending the Nido De Aguilas as a freshmen. English has never been a problem sinceI lived abroad for over 10 years, but I’m afraid it would be hard to start out highschool without any preparation for my second language, Spanish. If you know about the school standards, please tell me and thanks in advance for your help! P.S how are the kids in chile? their overall attitudes towards foreigners and what not.. thanks again 😀

    1. Hi, first of all thank you for visiting the blog. The school Nido of Aguila is an international school with a lot of foreign students. It is an american school, with north american calendar.It is the only school is 100% english until high school.They have a beautiful infra structure, including pool. Because they have a lot of foreign people, yours classmate will be people in the same situation as you! https://www.nido.cl/
      Hope you enjoy Chile! regards! Emiliana

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