Restaurants in Santiago/Chile to go!!

Restaurants in Santiago to go!!


Today I will share with you guys a list of 24 restaurants to visit in Santiago!   For you that recently arrived to live in Santiago, or if you are visiting the city there’s a few tips for restaurants to you!


Here has a really nice restaurant to eat! Below is a list of the best restaurants in Santiago:



  • Aquí está Coco

This restaurant is typical Chilean food! In my opinion the best food in Santiago! you have to make reservation










  • Cuero e Vaca


The best Chilean restaurant to eat meat. You have to make reservation.





  • El fogon del Leñador


This restaurant has everything good, great food and a super pretty and cozy place to spend a nice time.








  • Cocoa

This is a Peruvian restaurant!!! I Love this restaurant!! I love the Cocoa at the pond in Chicureo.







  • La Mar

Another Peruvian restaurant!!!






This restaurant is located at the hotel ¨W¨ and also in the street Alonso de cordova. Inside the restaurant have a store that sells various products. I eat at this restaurant a dessert typical Chilean ¨postre tres leches¨, the best i ever eaten here in Santiago.





  • Calypso

Italian restaurant with lots of green space and a home cooked meal. This restaurant does not reserve, works in order of arrival.





  • El Establo

A themed restaurant with a western city! This restaurant is in Chicureo. My kids love this place!





  • Pizza Mercatelli

Italian restaurant with pizza and pasta at Chicureo.





  • La perla del Pacifico


This restaurant has at the Mall Parque Arauco and also in the ¨Mercado Central¨ (central market). This restaurant specializes in fish and seafood.





  • Tanta


Tanta is a Peruvian restaurant! You will find at Mall Parque Arauco y Costanera Center.

I went at this restaurant this week and it was delicious!!!! The real peruvian flavour!!!






  • P.F. Changs


This is a chinese restaurant! At Mall Parque Arauco.





  • Ruby Tuesday


You will find at Mall Parque Arauco, Portal La Dehesa, Mall Alto Las Condes.





  • Applebee´s




  • Patio Bella Vista


This is a mall full of restaurants and has parking.





You can buy souvenirs and choose a restaurant to eat! I ate at a restaurant called Fukai, a Japanese restaurant.





  • La hacienda Gaucha

Argentinian restaurant to eat meat in Santiago. Near Plaza Italia, down town.






  • Tip y Tap

Chilean restaurant! The only restaurant in chile where the food comes in just 5 minutes!





  • SENZ

A Japanese and Peruvian restaurant at the same time. An explosion of flavor! Worth to visit!







  • Madam Tusan

A Chinese and Peruvian restaurant!!! A good combinantion!!!





  • Sushiana

Japanese restaurant!!! Chile is the only place where you eat avocado with Japanese food!




  • Café Simonetti Confesso

If you need a breakfast… it´s a charming place in los trapenses called Confesso…. Calle Manquehue Oriente 2030, local 11, Los Trapenses.




  • Barandarian

A new peruvian restaurant in Chicureo to go!!!! A good one!!!

There is one of this restaurant inside Patio Bellavista. If you want know better you can access the page:


We ate ceviche and heart of a cow….


We ate Parihuela, Lomo saltado and arroz chalfa con ají amarillo. The dessert was postre tres leches….







  • Mercado Gourmet

This restaurant brings a bit of Spain until the chile. If you want to eat a food typical of the Spanish markets, you will find here. Here you can buy a lot of ingredients, spices and condimenst for cooking in home or for a gift…. you will find this restaurant at Mall Parque Arauco.




  • El Otro Sitio

Peruvian Restaurant. You can find at all Mall in Santiago. And also in the gastronomic center called ¨BORDER RÍO¨.

A very good restaurant!!! With many varieties of Peruvian food!!


I ate a fish called ¨corvina¨, wrapped in spinach leaves, stuffed with ricotta and champignons, which were steamed.




  • Border Rio – Zanzibar

BORDER RIO is a verry good place to go!!! I super recommend! I think the best restaurant there is ZANZIBAR!!!




  • Hotel W – Osaka

And I also recommend HOTEL W, that in spanish they call ” Hotel doble V” . In this hotel they have a beautiful lounge to drinks, and a lot of excellent restaurants to go. I love ” OSAKA” it’s a fusion of japanese and peruvian food. Also at this hotel they have a nightclub.



I hope these tips have been helpful and that you have a lovely stay here in Santiago!

There are many other delicious restaurants to eat in Santiago. Gradually I’ll post more pictures for you guys to know.

If you want know more about Santiago you can read another post:




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