Pamonha, what is this?

Pamonha is a sweet made with corn.

It´s  a lot of work to do this recipe…..for you understand what is pamonha I’ll explain very fast the recipe…. firt of wall you have to grating the corn.  After grating the corn you put in a blender to grind.

The ground corn should be placed in a sieve. Then you have to squeeze the corn and bagasse play out (the waste should be thrown out)

With this corn dough you adds sugar and other ingredients.

You have to put this cake(it´s more like a juice) of corn inside the leaves of corn. Gernerally we use the leaves of the corn or you can use the leaves of a plant call Caetê.

This photo is the leaves of Caetê.

this photo is pamonha made with leaves of corn.

After closing the corn leaves you have to put in a pan of boiling water for at least 1 hour.

This is PAMONHA….

For the first time in my life I eat pamonha inside leaves of caetê.

After cooking they look like a cake of corn…

With you live in Chile, there is a food call HUMITÁ that is very similar a pamonha…. you can taste….

I shop this at the road between Taubate/SP and Sao Luis do Paraitinga/SP. In the middle of nothing…. at the ¨Mata Atlantica¨…

I shop in a simple house….

Is very common these small houses on the roadside selling food stuff.

This is Brasil!!!! where it is very easy to live a simple life!!!

Happy New year!!!



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