How is a supermarket in Brasil?

A lot of people ask me how is a supermarket in Brasil. 

And people ask me too, how  are the products stored in the shelf and how is shopping in Brasil.

So I will write about a supermaket in a country city of the state of Sao Paulo, and i take a lot of photos…

This supermaket call Shibata

At this supermarket has everything you need…..

Always have promotions where you must compete with your ticket in a lotery to win a car. The car stay inside the supermarket….

At Christmas time here always sells Panettone

In any supermarket always have to sell HAVAIANA.

All   frozen things stay in these giants freezers…


Sausage is sold in the supermarket by kilo.

Cheese and butter stay always close…..

Usually fruits and vegetables is in the middle of the supermarket

The fruit that i love call ¨mamao papaya¨, it´s so delicious….

Brazilian people love to drink grape juice…

At the bakery section has bread, cakes and all kinds of home grocery…

At the supermarket you can buy fish, shrimp and meat…

The place to buy meat called ¨Acougue¨ in portuguese.

In any supermarket will always have a hall of shelves full of coffee, brazilian coffe….

In Brazil there are two types of chocolates that don´t have in other place at the world: toddy and Ovomaltine.

Including the Bob´s of Brazil has a milk shake that’s spectacular made with ovomaltine. I have said Burguer King, but it was a mistaken, the correct is Bob´s.

At the end you will pay approximately 26,65% the  tax(ICMS) on the total of your purchase. Taxes are already entrenched in the price of each product.

I´m glad to be able to talk a little bit about Brasil!!!



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