Experience at an BRAZILIAN STEACK HOUSE!!!!

I spent the new year at Uberlandia/MG and after I come back to Sao Luis do Paraitinga/SP. So my husband drive like 700km this day, and because of the long trip we stop to eat.

We stop at a city called RIBERIRAO PRETO, tha stay in the state of SAO PAULO. This is  big city but at the same time is a country city of the state of sao paulo.
In any city  in Brasil you will eat great because we have a lot of ¨CHURRASCARIA¨, Brazilian Steakhouse.
We eat at a restaurant called ¨Churrascaria Coxilha dos Pampas¨. With you eventually here you can eat there. If you want to konw more information look here:
I took some pictures for you !!!!
When we enter at the restaurant we saw a huge barbecue inside a room of  glass with ribs baking. My son love so much and ask to take a picture of him…..
This is the ribs after….
The restaurant is very big and have a big buffet of salad.
At one side of this buffet has all varieties of salads, beets, cucumber, chickpeas, cabbage, mayonnaise, radishes, peas, cabbage, broccoli, and another things that i don´t know the name….
At the edge of the buffet  there was all the cold dishes: cheese, salami, ham …..
And at the other side of the buffet more salads, and japanese food….
All you can it!!!!
You can eat all the salads, and all the meat they offers you at the table, is too much food !!! It´s incredible!!!
The meat tha i love more call ¨CUPIM¨. But we have a lot of kind of meat, and the most popular is ¨PICANHA¨.
It´s picanha at the photo….
And to finish ¨Creme de Papaya¨. It´s a fruit ¨mamao papaya¨with ice cream…. It´s the best deserve to eat in a tropical country!!!!
I hope you can come and taste all the good food at BRASIL!!!!
Bye Bye

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