How to do Brazilian Coffe

Hi friends!!!

Many people asked me for the recipe of how to make Brazilian coffee. 

I do not know how coffee tastes better than what my mom does, so i will write the recipe from my mother.

It´s very easy!!!


Brazillian Coffee (Mellita, Pilao, Café do Ponto, Café Cajubá)
coffee filter ( paper o tissue)
support for a coffe filter

If  you like sweet coffee measures are the following:

500 ml water

4 tablespoons of sugar

3 tablespoons of powdered coffee fuller

How to make:

1) put the water to boil

2) place (put)  the coffee and sugar into the coffee filter

If you have a support to put the coffe filter is better…. Because the water is too hot…. If you don´t have no matter….

3) Now just pour the boiling water in the coffee filter

I prefer to do it inside the bottle thermal

After ending all the water inside the filter,  you can remove the filter and close the bottle thermal

Your coffee is ready!!! Enjoy!!!

I went at Mall Alto Las Condes in Santiago/Chile last week and i saw at the shop Whittard all the tings to do brazillian coffe. These are the photos that i take:

If  you like coffee less sweet, just reduce the measurement of sugar.

I hope this has been helpful tip!!!!



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