Discovering Brasil – São Luiz do Paraitinga

Hi friends!! I arrive in Brasil 06 -09 at the airport in Sao Paulo. We get into a caar and went to A city called Sao Jose dos Campos where we lunch.
After we went to the city Taubaté to buy some bread, it´s a luxury for me, but my father in law think that is necessary make all sacrifice to eat a good bread.
After we went to our destiny, Sao Luiz do Paraitinga!
Sao Luiz do Paraitinga is a historical city, that is protect by the Brazilian govermant, IPHAN (instituto do patrimonio historic e arquitetonico nacional).
At  the downton the most of buildings are from eighteenth century!
Here we found tipical food and hand made things.
Like all the old cities here have a central market.
There is a river that cross the city, it´s beautiful but in January of 2010, this river destroy the city, during a rain!
So all the people is made a great effort to rebuild tis historical city.
Here you can make all the extreme sports!
This is the city of Osvaldo Cruz, the inventor of the yellow fever vaccine.
And here is the city of the singer and composer Elpidio dos Santos, the man that wrote all the musics of the old style to celebrate the carnaval, or the street carnaval.
Here you can eat all the best food you have heard!
The first restaurant call ” Cantinho dos Amigos”, the second ” Sol Nascente”.

And this restaurant call ” A casa de Odésse”

My parent´s in law live here and they are the founders of the presbterian church at this city. They started at the garage of their house and now the church are at the center.
If you enjoy the simple life and being in contact with de nature, this is a great place to visit.
I hope you can enjoy this post!

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