Discovering Brasil – Handmade things at São Luis do Paraitinga

Hi friends, today I want to share with you guys all the beautiful things made ​​by hand that I discovered in São Luís do Paraitinga, SãoPaulo, Brasil.

In Brasil you will see a lot of shops that call ¨Barraca de Artesanato¨ this is a craft tent, or handcraft tent ….
The first shop that i see was the ¨Barraca de Artesanato Sao Miguel¨. It´s a very small shop that had a lot of tipical brazillian crafts, or handmade things.

The most tradicional product are the chickens fabric by woven cotton. You also find animals upon shells and sieves.


At that same store you also find wooden spoons and animals.

Another very interesting thing is the ¨peteca¨. A bag of sand with feathers that is used for a game.Wooden fixtures are also used if you want to create an environment ethnic in your home.

At the restaurant ¨Cantinho dos amigos¨ (corner of  friends) you can buy pots made ​​of clay and stone, and another things for decoration.

At the central market has many shops and there you find dishcloth  embroidered with hand painted, and rag rugs, and hat with cloth flowers.

The hat and the carpet I would never buy, but the dish towel I have over twenty in my house.

At the shop ¨Chita Bonita¨ there is a lot of beautiful things…..Those basket for bread or fruit or decoration is very useful.

Here you can find flowers made of straw and cloth. And chickens of all sizes, colors and shapes.

At this store also has ¨peteca¨ and these are super pretty and colorful.

The last stop was at the store ¨Rê Decore¨ (Rê Decorate). At this store I spent almost two hundred U.S. dollars. I can tell because my husband don´t read my blog….kkkk

Here you can find furniture and frames made of iron and many owls made ​​of fabric.

I loved this bed with cushion, bedspread and nightstand made ​​of crochet!!! 

Things made ​​by hand enrich the bed! It´s a lovely bedrom!!!
The bedside table is also made of cotton fabric and crochet! I do not like the skull on the lamp, but the bedside table is perfect!
The other thing I loved was the adhesive that mimics tile hydraulic Portuguese! U can change the look of your kitchen with these stickers. Moreover you can use in several other places, including on wood.

At this store you can also find handmade products to save dishes, cups and towel.

And to finish a basket of bread with zipper and iron frame. I shop there two wooden frames, they have things with wooden.

I hope you guys enjoyed the Brazilian handicraft products.
See you later!!!!
I took all the pictures!

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